Laklak for Your Awesome Dessert

Laklak is traditional snacks is made from sticky rice flour which is famous as Balinese Pancake. Balinese people usually make it with two different colors but it have the same taste. Laklak is a good tea mate as well as a snack for offering. It is served fresh in the morning with the shredded coconut and palm brown sugar sprinkled over the laklak. Usually, Laklak is served with hot tea.

How to make it? Laklak is made from sticky rice flour. That flour is mixed with water and a bit salt to create dough. If you want to make white Laklak, the dough batter can be cooked immediately. But, if you want to make green Laklak you need to add special ingredient. Balinese people use the extract of Suji leaves to get green color of laklak. After finished with the dough, laklak should be cooked (baked)  with a small traditional wooden furnace.


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