Discovery Unique Transaction at Kumbasari Traditional Market

Kumbasari Market or also well known as Pasar Kumbasari is one of biggest traditional market in Denpasar. Kumbasari market is open within 24hours everyday, where in the morning this market provide many kinds of primary needs and in the night this market switch to sell handicrafts which is made by Balinese such as Silver Crafts, Batik Bali, and various accessories from Bali. Kumbasari Market is located at Jalan Gajah Mada, at the western side of Denpasar City.

Kumbasari market itself was established above the land of 6.230 meters square with Balinese typical architecture. Kumbasari market is consist of two floors which are the first floor is to sell primary needs and the second floor is to sell any kinds of Bali typical handicrafts. The selling price at Kumbasari Market is way cheaper rather than another traditional market, the key is you should be brave to bid the price.

Kumbasari Traditional Market, Badung was established in 1977. However, Kumbasari Market have been caught on fire and had broken in 2000 then it was re-built in 2001.

Not only Bali local citizens who come to Kumbasari Market, but there are so many foreign tourist who come to Kumbasari Market and buy some typical accessories from Bali.


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