Taste The Tempting Ayam Betutu in Bali

Ayam Betutu is one of cuisine that become a pride for Bali people. If you have a holiday in Bali, there are so many Chicken Betutu Restaurant found everywhere. Ayam Betutu is a typical cuisine from Gianyar, Bali. At first, we can easily find this favorite cuisine at Pasar Senggol or Pasar Malam Gianyar (Gianyar Night Market). At various restaurants in Denpasar and Ubud also provide Ayam Betutu on their menu, but we have to order Ayam Betutu one day before we come to the restaurant because the process of making is takes quite long time. The founder that made the innovation of Ayam Betutu with super spicy seasoning and become veey popular is Men Tempeh or Ni Wayan Tempeh from Abianbase, Gianyar City and along with her husband I Nyoman Suratna from Bangli.

The process of Ayam Betutu making are: chicken or duck which would cooked should be cleaned, the innards have to removed and cleaned, and the skin covered with various spices (not pulverized but cutted into small pieces) that made from a mixture of onion, garlic, lemon grass, lime leaves, nutmeg, ginger , turmeric, black pepper, coriander, chili, shrimp paste and salt. Most spices are inserted into the chicken’s chest cavity and then closed. Chicken that have been seasoned must wrapped with several layers of banana leaves or stem nut and then steamed for about an hour, then removed. Then, the chicken baked inside the coconut fibers which sprinkled with chaff. It should be flipped several times so the meat is well cooked. When it’s well done, the chicken becomes so soft, and easily separated from the bones.

One piece of chicken usually enough for 4 persons, served with rice, fried peanut, and sayur Gonde (like a Balinese vegetables soup) and string beans, also with raw seasoning or Balinese’s Sambal Matah and another unique seasoning. The price of one portion Ayam Betutu is around Rp60.000 so we can order the dry Ayam Betutu or with sauce instead. It’s wrapped with a good packaging from bamboo to take away to home.


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