Try The Sensational Way to Eat Klepon Bali

Klepon is Bali traditional snack which is unique and really easy to find in Bali. Klepon usually can be found at all of traditional market in Bali especially at traditional cake shop. Klepon is made from rice flour and has a chewy texture with brown coconut sugar inside the dough.

There is an uniqueness of eating klepon, when you bite the middle part of klepon, there will be a burst of brown coconut sugar. Make sure that you eat klepon with one bite only because if you do not do the one bite, the sugar will be melt out onto your hands.

Klepon generally has a green color, and added with suji leaves extract as a natural dye to make the green color brighter. Suji leaves extract also used for natural dye of another Balinese traditional foods. But beside of green klepon, there is also black klepon. Black klepon is quite difficult to find because people prefer the green klepon instead. Black klepon is made from black sticky rice that make the klepon become blackish colored.

The process of klepon making is with boiled step or steamed. Klepon usually served on small bowl that made from banana leaves and sprinkled with grated coconut right above the klepon. Since there is a huge development of tourism industry, klepon not only sell at traditional market meanwhile it is served as a dessert in almost every hotel in Bali.


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