Great Story of Niluh Djelantik, Bali World Class Footwear

Most of Indonesia citizens are not recognize the shoes brand of “Nilou”. But who knows that the local product made in Bali has a huge fame in global market, even they have hundreds of outlets which already spread overseas in more than 20 foreign countries. They have successfully entered a worldwide class such as America Market, France, England, Australia, Japan, Uni Emirates Arab, and some another countries in various continent.

Began this shoes business in 2004, Ni Luh Putu Ary Pertami Djelantik has successfully introduced her shoes brand “Nilou” which the name of the brand was derived from her nick name “Ni Luh”. Ni Luh’s products is currently be able to compete with many famous shoes brands in international market. Her carefulness in determine middle to top class of consumers, pushed this woman who born at June 15, 1975 to always prioritize the quality of her products rather than the quantity. Therefore, no need to wonder about the quality of Ni Luh Djelantik products now successfully attracts the consumers, especially in worldwide market.

The success story of Ni Luh in establishing her business, starts from the unsatisfaction that she always got when she bought a shoes. During her school period in Bali, she never gets the proper shoes because the size always not suitable with her foots so that she never feel comfortable to wear those shoes. Not only that matter, when she was in university period in Jakarta, she oftenly felt difficult to get the comfort high heels shoes that able to wear all day long. So that condition makes Ni Luh intended to create a comfort shoes that can be able to wear all day long even it have a heels.

Ni Luh’s journey in establishing shoes business starts with hold a job partner in France who is really like shoes. But unfortunately, the journey of her business can’t run smoothly. So her business can’t be hold out and should be closed before reach its success.

Even though so, the bad experience that Ni Luh had experienced, not makes Ni Luh give up on her condition. With her assets of love to shoes products and supported a bit fund that remain in her bank account, Ni Luh be brave to built a small shoes store in Bali. She rent a place to be her store which is actually not really deserved to be a shoes store. Ni Luh was helped by her shoes maker to make the shoes with detail designs. Start from choosing a raw material with good quality until an up to date design. This excellence makes Nilou products wanted by global market.

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