5 Philosophies of Bamboo in Bali You Never Know

Bali citizens are mostly Hindus and their life is always related with plantation, flower, and wood as facilities and amenities of offering in religious ritual or ceremony. Bamboo is kind of plant that mostly used by Balinese people in their daily life. Almost in every religious ceremony, bamboo must be used from its leaves until its stem. Bamboo also became one of custom building part in Bali. For Balinese people, bamboo definitely has a deep philosophy.

A good nature and excellence of bamboo than other plants become spirit and life motto for Balinese people, especially for Hindus. “Bamboo is a useful plant. When it still young, it stand up erect and while it grows older it will stand up stoop. This is a symbol of Hindu philosophy that always keep the politeness.” Ida Bagus Ketut Arinasa, the specialist of ethno botany from Bogor Botanical Garden said that in Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation 2010 in Bali.

He added, another philosophy of bamboo is the bamboo nature that as longer it grows, as stronger it will be. Bamboo also didn’t need intensive treatment so it can grow everywhere. Even in terms of usability, almost every part of bamboo had advantages.

There are some Bali endemic plant that considered holy, for example bamboo. These are 5 kind of bamboo that used for daily ritual:

1. Jajang Aya (Gigantochloa Aya), this is kind of bamboo that has a big size reach up to 15cm and diameter 12cm. This kind of bamboo is considered holy so that oftenly used for roof of holy building.

2. Jajang Taluh (Gigantochloa Taluh) that characterized with green white-ish stem. This kind of bamboo is usually used for ‘gedek’ or inside wall of death ceremony with the best quality.

3. Tiying Ooh (Bambuca Ooh) that unique with long morphology segment, green stem, and the thickness of its bristle is not reach 0,5cm. This kind of bamboo is used for offering receptacle while in religious ceremony or ritual.

4. Buluh Kedampal Bamboo (Schizostachyum Cestaneum) which has a shorter stem and slight and long bristle. Buluh Kedampal used for a place of holy water and Bali typical musical instrument such as gerantang or rindik. This kind of bamboo mostly grows in Tabanan area.

5. Tiying Alas (Dinochroa Sepang). Among those endemic bamboo, only this kind of bamboo which still grow on its real habitat, which is at Sepang natural forest in Buleleng and Jembrana. It is believed as holy plant and medicine.


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