The Stunning Bali Fashion Tendance 2015

Bali Fashion Tendance 2015 was held in TS Suites in Legian, a perfect setting for lovers of fashion and design, and was divided into three areas. In the first section guests were greeted on the red carpet with a drink in their hand from the sponsors while mingling in the outdoor space. The middle exhibition area contained clothes from the designers that could be purchased directly by guests and also a fashion photo exhibition by several fashion photographers, fashion stylists and make-up artists all chosen by APPMI. The third and final area was transformed into a classy fashion catwalk. The fashion show was held over two days on the 14th & 15th November, and was brought to life by 100 models from Bali and all over the country.

Bali Fashion Tendance is one of platform for those stunning fashion designers who want to show their existence especially in Bali. Exceedingly, there are various potency in Bali as so many fashion role and also international brands that produced and built their retail in Bali.

“In the meaning, Bali has already had their excellence. There are so many fashion businesses that centered in Bali. So, our target is to bring Bali Fashion World to be more popular” said Dwi Iskandar as Head of Bali Fashion Designers and Enterpreneur Association.

In Bali Fashion Tendance this year, there are more than 40 designers who took participation in this great event. Those designers not only came from Bali, but some designers were come from other provinces like Jakarta, Makassar, Bandung, and Surabaya. Besides that, there are also some foreign designers who took participation. They are foreign designers that have lived in Bali and expand their creation in Bali.

Bali Fashion Tendance 2015 was held differently with previous one. Bali Fashion Tendance 2015 did not set special theme for designers involved. As Dwi Iskandar opinion, the purpose is to give a freedom for those designers in making and exploring their creation. So that later on, they will produce that according to their character. Even so, Dwi Iskandar said that in Bali Fashion Tendance 2015, the designers will present “resort collection” which is really suitable with the shade of Bali.

Dwi Iskandar also believe that Bali Fashion Tendance 2015 will be able to be a Fashion Trend Benchmark in Bali. Aside of that, Bali Fashion Tendance will surely bring a positive impact for fashion business in Indonesia especially in Bali.

In keeping with the theme, they chose a clean white colour decorated with a backdrop of blue flowers. I have been to many APPMI Bali fashion shows over the years but have to admit that this stage and set up was by far the best yet.  Jakarta’s shining light Ivan Gunawan came down to Bali with his entourage of models and elegant evening wear designs and just about stole the show. There were many designers, too many to be named here, and all equally valid.

And in the end, this year’s event was stunning and very festive. It created an unprecedented buzz around town over that weekend and it was truly something of which the organizers and designers could be proud. The Fashion Tendance 2015 was closed with a parade of models and designers, and the Chairman of APPMI Bali, Dwi Iskandar was asked, “Are there further expectations after the success of this year’s event?” He replied “After the success of this year’s two day event, we want to make next year’s even longer, hopefully this can be realized.” [Ratih DP & David Trauts].


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