The Unique Taste of Loloh Cemcem, Balinese Typical Beverage

Bali is not only known with its tourism destinastion, arts, or the legendary of their cultures which has already famous all over the world. Bali is also famous with its culinary. Bali has so many typical foods and beverages. One of Balinese typical food is Ayam Betutu, while the typical beverage which has been famous is Loloh Cemcem.

Loloh Cemcem is come from Penglipuran area, Bangli. Penglipuran is not famous with its tourists destination, but Penglipuran is well known with its typical beverage named Loloh Cemcem. Loloh Cemcem can be considered as herb. Commonly, herb has a bitter taste to be consumed but Loloh Cemcem is different, because Loloh Cemcem has 6 different unique tastes.

Loloh cemcem main ingredients is cemcem leaves or kloncing leaves, not only for relieve the thirst biut it is also good for digestion and lower the blood pressure.

The steps to make Loloh Cemcem is really simple. The ingredient needs are kloncing leaves, cinnamon, betel leaves, jarak leaves, dhadhap leaves, coconut water, coconut, and palm sugar. Firstly, cemcem or kloncing leaves should be washed up cleanly, and then the kloncing leaves squeezed or mashed up and added with warm water.

And then the mashed up kloncing leaves mixed with cinnamon, betel leaves, jarak leaves, dhadhap leaves and served with coconut water and palm sugar. Also add some flesh of coconut, so it is complete with 6 different tastes.


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