3 Sensational Balinese Typical Beverages

Bali is an exotic island with all its beauty. Besides the enchantment of beautiful nature and the arts, the domestic or foreign tourists who love exploring culinary must be interested to typical foods and beverages from Bali. Many people already know some of Balinese Typical Foods, and these are 3 Balinese Typical Beverages.

1. Brem
Brem is one of Balinese Typical Beverages that made from mixture of fermented sticky rice using a yeast extract. Brem itself precipitated in a long time until it become alcoholic. Therefore, Brem is also known as Indonesian Alcohol Beverage that made with traditional process. This alcoholic beverage is kindly not to drink exceedingly. While you travel to Bali, it is not complete if you have not taste the deliciousness of Brem that mad in Bali.

2. Es Bir
This kind of beverage is one of Balinese Beverage that very easy to find in Bali especially in Buleleng, North Bali. The name of this beverage is Es Bir or Ice Beer but Es Bir is literally different with Ice Beer. It is not contains a beer or even alcohol. Es Bir is made from young coconut that added with lime juice. The taste of Es Bir really fresh and can build your spirit.

3. Es Daluman
Es Daluman is a freshen up beverage that made from plant leaves named Cylea Barbata Myers, these leaves often processed to be kind of drinks because it has a good taste and not easily wrecked rather than another plants. The leaves is squeezed until the extract getting jell and become daluman, and then it mixed with coconut milk and brown sugar. If you travel to Bali, you must try this delicious beverage because it can launch the digestion.


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