Interesting Story Behind The Beautiful Masceti Beach You Never Know

Bali is a small island with thousands attraction inside. The beautiful coast which surrounds this island is no need to be hesitated. One of beautiful creature in Bali is Masceti Beach that located in Medahan Village, Blahbatuh District, Gianyar Regency. It can be access from by pass Ida bagus Mantra, it takes about 30 minutes from Denpasar.

Masceti Beach is exactly match for spiritual tour which can calm your mind. Moreover there is a Temple in beach area, the name of this Temple is Masceti temple, the name of this beach might be came from the name of the temple itself. Masceti Temple functioned as a place to worship the God with His manifestation as Wisnu God that give a prosperity to His worshippers. Melarung Bumi and Ngaben ceremony also held at Masceti Beach.

To support facilities for tourists, there are parking area, toilet, restaurant, and hotel established here. If you are go on a holiday in Bali, spare your time to visit this beach. The rolling high wave in this area is also demand by surfing addicts. The ritual activities that often held in the beach or temple area become a special treat for spiritual seekers.

There is an interesting secret story behind the beautiful Masceti Beach. Reputedly in the story, when Wisnu God who is a God of human being protector with his lover Dewi Laksmi still has a relationship, they are really interested with this beautiful beach so that they often visit Masceti Beach, interacted while enjoy the nature panorama and the crashing waves. One day they visit Masceti Beach while talking each other, and in their conversations they got disagreement that makes Dewi Laksmi so angry and rampage until cut off the flow of the sea that connect Masceti Beach and Saba Beach, this disconnected flow become a reason that synchronize both of these beach.

Because of their conflict, they were eventually separated. So, people believes until now that everyone who go on a date in this beach either Masceti Beach or Saba Beach, the relationship will not be everlasting.


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