10 Beautiful Finalists of Putri Bali 2015 is on Their Briefing Class

10 finalists that joined as finalist of Putri Bali sit gracefully in Fave Hotel meeting room, Tohpati, Denpasar, Bali on Tuesday afternoon December 15, 2015. These 10 finalists of Putri Bali is on undergo the briefing class. This briefing material is given in order to make them not only expert about beauty also to make them also expert in intelligence.

On the second day of this quarantine period, there was Dr. Arkand Bodhana Zeshaprajna presence as a mentor for all finalists. By taking Nusantara theme, all of these women who represent Bali have given the knowledge about the meaning of Nusantara, character, and culture that owned by this country. They were also given a comprehension about what is being faced and what might happen next.

IP Suryasewana G Wiwin, a coordinator of Putri Bali said that there was not only Arkand, there were also many speakers and resources with great competencies in many field, either it is about knowledge, social, art-culture that gives a briefing to all finalists of Putri Bali.

The purpose is to gain the knowledge of these all finalists of Putri Bali. “Everybody in Bali who were care enough will be embraced and invited by us for many knowledge with all nation’s next generation.” Said Wiwin.


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