Another Impact of Rainy Season Beside of Causing Disaster

The trash submission in the end of the year started to solidify many beaches in Kuta District, Badung on Wednesday, 16 December 2015. Despite of has been a usual matter in every year, but The Snaitary Agency still not become proactive yet to find any solution in pra and pasca anticipation of trash submission.

Numbers of trash that started to pollute along coastal line makes domestic and international tourist should enjoy their holiday along with piles of trashes. As tourist from Australia said, that he perforce to sunbathe in Kuta Beach along with those trashes. “Those trashes kindly should be cleaned immediately” Daniel said to the reporter while enjoying the sun shine.

Based on opinions from team three of sanitary agency which is Kuta Village, Ketut Mayoni said that trash submission usually started to be seen since the beginning of December. However, as sanitary agency’s observation who is also a villager in Kuta Villahe, the trash submission is getting less than in 2013 and 2014.

According to observation and information from the source, the trash from sea are kind of woods, leaves, plastics, and glass bottlr that dominate Jerman Beach, Kuta Beach, Doublesix Beach, and Seminyak Beach. Despite of already collected and piled in few points, those trashes still not thrown yet.

After years, those trashes started to “decorate” the coastal line of South Beach of Bali. Currently, the local government is finding a solution to solve this case of trash. That statement also explained by Head of the Animal Husbandry Department of Marine and Fisheries, I Made Badra.

According to the observation and initial research of Fisheries and Marine Faculty of Udayana University, the trash that dominate in rainy season and western wind is the trash submission from Jembrana regency and Banyuewangi regency, East Java. However those trashes still dominate the coastal line of Badung southern beach. The Fisheries and Marine Agency admitted that they can’t do a lot of things to take current anticipation and prevention since early stage. By the existence of national regulation no. 3 2014 about marine authority, the local government could not get the authority of marine maintenance. So that on this year, Badung local government could only cleaning process manually.


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