Alternative Way of Paddy Cultivation in Nusa Penida

After succeed in around 1970, Paddy Gogo is tried to be cultivated in Nusa Penida Klungkung, Bali. And this year, Department of Agriculture, Forestry, and Plantation of Klungkung regency is on their effort to cultivate Paddy Gogo. Initiated with the implementation of Demonstration Plot in Batumadeg and Batukandik on the land with total area 1,5 hectares.

“Demonstration Plot of Paddy Gogo cultivation that has been started since last Thursday was held on Nusa Penida area that has a rainfall same like in Batumadeg and Batukandik. Varieties used is Situ Bagendit”, Wayan Durma said.

He explained that Paddy Gogo is a paddy that be planted with water source which derived from rain. Paddy Gogo commonly produced less than rice field production which is under comparison 4 tons per hectare for Paddy Gogo, while it reached 5 up to 6 tons per hectare for rice field. However, Paddy Gogo can grow in the area that does not have any irrigation system and only rely on rainfall.

“If the demonstration plot success, we will develop this Paddy Gogo in Nusa Penida because currently in Nusa Penida is still dominant with corn plants crop. There are some areas in Nusa Penida that has potential for Paddy Gogo cultivation like inBatumadeg and Batukandik” Wayan Durma said.

In this periode of demonstration plot, his side wary the pest birds that always becomes the main threat for Paddy Gogo cultivation. The cultivation of Paddy Gogo is one of government effort to increase the production of rice in Klungkung regency. Based on the claim from I Wayan Durma, during January period until December 2015, Klungkung experienced rice surplus as much 735 tons.


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