Sriwijaya Air Disclose a New Direct Flight from Denpasar

District Manager Sriwijaya Air Group Bali, Fajar Adhitia, said that his party will open direct route flight from Denpasar to Yogyakarta and Denpasar to Ujung Pandang immediately.

This new route planned to be opened on February 04, 2016 for Denpasar – Yogyakarta route and February 05, 2016 for Denpasar – Ujung Pandang route. The reason is they see the huge size of market potential and market probability from both of these areas to have a direct route to Bali. As well as many request from passenger because currently still transit through Surabaya or Jakarta.

The flight time from Denpasar – Yogyakarta routes is on 20.55 WITA, while flight time from Yogyakarta – Denpasar is on 06.00 WITA. And then to departure routes from Denpasar – Ujung Pandang is on 16.10 WITA and from Ujung Pandang – Denpasar is on 14.15 WITA.

This new flight route has already based on Ministry of Transportation permission. Aside of that, they also has a representative office in both area. Flight to Yogyakarta will carried by aircraft Nam Air Boeing 737-500W with capacity 120 seats and 8 seats among all are business seat.

While to Ujung Pandang will carried bt Nam Air Boeing 737-800NG with capacity 189 economy seats. There will be only 1 flight per day to both of these areas from and to Bali.


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