The Splendor Chinese New Year Celebration in Bali

Sugar cane which are combined in such way with a series of leaf (Penjor Tebu) adorn the entrance the yard of every Chinese people in welcoming the Chinese New Year 2563 on the island of God.

That religious nuance is almost look alike when Hindus celebrates Galungan Day which is the victory day of Dharma (goodness) against Adharma (badness) that celebrated once in every 210 days.

Penjor or the series of coconut tree which is a Balinese characteristic also set on the house entrance of Hindus people when celebrate Galungan, the different is in welcoming Chinese New Year this time, the bamboo changed with sugar cane. That thing is reflect the occurrence of assimilation and tolerance the religious life which is way stronger, living in harmony, alongside each other without causing the conflict.

One of representative figures of Buddhist in Bali explained that the life harmony which based on awareness and understand to respect each other have been inherited from generation to generation since 500 years ago.

On the basis of that Chinese Indonesian Association (INTI) of Bali previously raised the effort to strengthen the spirit of “Menyama Braya” or unity in fraternity as the theme of the celebration of the Lunar New Year. The theme is expected to raise and maintain the spirit of togetherness and create a lasting harmony, as well as harmony among Chinese ethnic with the Balinese people and other ethnic groups in the archipelago that has existed since the five centuries ago.

By this, the Chinese New Year celebrations this time implies a better hope in facing the future of the nation and the state to be brighter, in facing of increasingly fierce economic competition.

Chinese New Year 2016 will be a year of the Monkey. For people born in a year of the monkey (1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004), 2016 is considered a bad year.  “Monkeys” are witty, intelligent and have a magnetic personality.

Bali which has an area of 5634.4 square kilometers inhabited by people from 30 ethnic groups in the archipelago as well as foreigners who come from a number of countries in the world. The diversity of ethnicity and skin color is managed and maintained well with the expectations of all citizens still can live in harmony with each other according to expectations of Bali Governor, Made Mangku Pastika.

The diversity of harmony synergized to make secure, peace and prosperity Bali (Bali Mandara) better known locally as “Ngardi Bali Shanti Lan jagadhita”, which means the preservation of Bali with a peaceful, safe and secure.

Bali people as well as Chinese ethnics and ethnic groups from various regions in the archipelago who settled on the island, are increasingly recognizing that diversity can be combined with a variety of positive values so that it becomes a beautiful thing, unique and interesting.

Plurality is highly respected and appreciated each other for the sake of the nation and state of Indonesia, the hope appears a force capable of delivering the Indonesian nation achieve mutually agreed objectives, not the other way cause turmoil, said Hindra Suarlin, former Head of Walubi Bali.


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