Pearl Cultivation in Bali

Untitled-2-mutiara.jpgExplore The North Bali!!! Pearl cultivation is not only in Lombok island, Bali too has pearl cultivation in Singaraja. In the west water of Buleleng has a lot of potential that attract the tourist. The cultivation in Klampok Village, 68 km west of Singaraja city and Penyambangan Village.

Pearl, jewelry that people loves because of its amazing shine. Like in Geroggak, Buleleng regency, the cultivation with nature friendly way introduced since 1997. Some obstacle were faced like temperature that harm the seed. To get the best pearl, the condition of the environment must support the seeds.

This cultivation is a public company with Australia as the biggest role. In the beginning this cultivation located in Raja Ampat and started in Penyambangan village in 2002. The result or the quality of the pearl must have a high standard because its affecting the price. This pearl company was given with ATLAS.

Untitled-3-mutiara.jpgThe process of reproduction of pearl: Prepare the mother that is ‘Pindata maxima’. Next sporing (mating). 25 – 30 days old kept in a special place (not in the sea yet). After that it will be brought to the sea so they can stick in the collector (human-made string-like-table). When they reached 60 days old they will be chose for advanced treatment. The percentage of success is about 3 %. The failed will be release to the sea. Continued with treatment in 32 months or about 2,5 years. With such treatment there are still some pests like puffer fish, Turtle, crabs. The most dangerous one is weather change. For example from dry season to rain season and vice versa.

Since centuries, pearl have been used as holiness symbol, therefore the pearl has many hunters for many occasion likes business or personal use. The tourist presented with unique experience, where they can see the process of preparation of the pearl from the shell. If you visit Bali try to go there.

This destination is a must-visited for you who loves pearl. The price is depend on the quality and sold with dollar standard, if in rupiah its about IDR 250.000 until IDR 25.000.000



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