Penyajaan Galungan Day

Untitled-3-glngn.jpgIn Galungan ceremony has many process like today is Penyajaan Galungan Day. Today or two days before Galungan Day at Soma Pon, the Monday of the 11th week of the Balinese pawukon calendar, Dunggulan called “Penyajaan” day. During Penyajaan Galungan special cakes (generally referred to as jaja) are prepared which will be used for the Galungan offerings.Penyajaan is derived from the High Balinese word jaya which means ‘glorious, victorious’. Galungan means ‘to make war, to fight’.

In combination Penyajaan Galungun therefore means, ‘to be victorious in the war’ (against adharma). In a symbolic sense Penyajaan Galungan is the time that the Balinese Hindu’s should be ‘glorious and victorious’ in respect with their inner struggle against adharma so they will be safe for the second symbolic temptation of the Kala-tiganing Galungan (or Sang Kala Tiga) who descends this day to earth as Sang Bhuta Dungulan.

Untitled-4-glngn.jpgPenyajaan Galungan always held in Monday of galungan or in Balinese calendar it is on Soma Pon Dungulan, it is one holiday to spend times with family in Bali and also one of many series of event for Galungan day which is a celebration day when Dharma beats Adharma. People used to make cakes that will be use on galungan. In a Yadnya Praketi Manuscript said “Raka-raka pinaka widyadara-widyadari”, this refer to sweets, snacks and fruit is better comes from own hardworks.. Widyadara-widyadari refers to people that good in knowledge that symbolized with making their own cakes nad sweets to be offered in celebrating Galungan. Thereforeit is important if we can make our own for Galungan, surely considered with our skills and times.

Philosophically Penyajaan Galungan can be an effort to create something that sweets and useful for human. Morally Knowledge is the effect that people hoped to happen with the Penyajaan Galungan. If the knowledge comes without moral, world will be destroyed.

Some people also says that Penyajaan galungan is an effort to make humans remember the gods and away from any bad. And also a symbol creating “jaja” that means “nyajaang” or intend to do well.







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