La Plancha – Bali

Untitled-2-laplancha.jpgHello good people, as you know this place is frequented by teenagers & foreign tourists and a great place to spend leisure time with your family, friends, boy/girl friends. On the beach between Jl. Dhyanapura & 66 road La Plancha is a vibrant spanish beach bar & restaurant named after a traditional spanish way of cooking ‘La plancha’ traditional, simple, unpretentious, fresh spanish food & comfortable colourful beanbags to enjoy a drink & watch the amazing bali sunsets. La Plancha, a thriving cafe on Mesari Beach at Seminyak’s southern end, teases your senses with splashes of colours throughout its two-level structure and with a menu of tasty grills and Spanish cuisine. With large and colourful parasols on its beachfront, it appeals most at sunset when you can sink into beanbags around mini tables laid out on the sand.

Breakfasts comprise hearty picks from a simple menu, such as the ‘Swiss Mountain’ of grilled pork with two sunny side eggs and cheese slices upon a base of hash brown-like Spanish potato omelette. Our platter was a neat presentation; the small meat dices mixed with bacon strips were a savoury treat to match our eggs and taters. On a lunchtime occasion, we had several seafood selections that included grilled prawns and calamari served with marinara sauce, and a seafood salad prepared with fresh greens tossed in a juicy wine dressing that was a refreshing choice for the balmy coast. A seafood display offers a selection of snappers, prawns and squids on ice – all sourced from the morning markets daily. They’re all cooked traditionally on the grill, or prepared in the tiny kitchen. All-round nibbles come in the form of inexpensive tapas that you can order around the clock.

Untitled-3-laplancha.jpgThe beverage list is adequate, listing local pilsner favourites such as Bintang and other international beers, as well as milkshakes and juices to cooling lassies. For cocktails, try out the typical Spanish wine punch of Sangria, and you can always go for the signature Mojitos for a cool and refreshing seaside sip. Head upstairs to the top deck where you will love the open view of the beach and horizon. Similarly, tables and benches painted in different colours are set under waving palm shades, with Moroccan-style lanterns that provide a pretty foreground to the seascape.

La Plancha

  • Location          : Mesari Beach, Jalan Dhyana Pura, Seminyak, Bali
  • Phone              : +62 878 614 163 10
  • Open hours      : 09.00 – 00.00



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