Café Batu Jimbar – Bali

untitled-2-batujimbarCafé Batu jimbar is a prominent restaurant and café in Sanur, best known for its all-embracing use of fresh organic ingredients, as well as a main venue for its anticipated regular Sunday morning organic markets. Hence, the restaurant is a favourite for health and wellbeing-conscious diners. Café Batu jimbar was established in the early 90s and had undergone significant layout changes throughout the years. Referred to among diners in Sanur as simply ‘BJ’, Batu jimbar’s history is closely related to the early Sanur-based ceramic cottage industry that has now grown into the large enterprise known as Jenggala Ceramics. Batu Jimbar Café is located in Jl. Danau Tamblingan no.75A Sanur and open hours at 08.30 am – 23.00 pm.

Cafe Batu jimbar is hard to miss on a trip down Sanur’s Danau Tamblingan street. The large red parasols on the eastern side and wooden tables arranged under the shades makes for an inviting scene. The Pantry, a gourmet shop just to the right of the cafe, can be found as an adjoining highlight where diners can step in to shop for quality imports and fresh goods. Some Sanur residents source for their usually hard-to-get imports here daily. The cafe is even more alive during dinner time when foodies and families flock the venue. Candlelit tables add to the soothing dining nuance along with live music. Desserts are a special treat at Batu jimbar, as patrons may select their own choices of cakes and delicacies from their large cake displays. The famous Sunday organic market features fresh suppliers from all over the island gather to present their wares at the cafes foyer. Arugula, carrots, cucumbers, beans, eggplant, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, and homemade sauces and jams can all be found here. The open air styled Sunday market has gathered much hype throughout the years and has become a highlight along the Sanur strip.



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