Kopi Bali House – Sanur

Untitled-3-coffee.jpgA popular coffee shop on Sanur’s end of Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai Kopi Bali House is the flourishing offshoot of Kopi Bali, the island’s top coffee producer and distributor of the famous Butterfly Globe brand. A tall three-level shop in a small business complex, the ‘house’ offers an oasis in the cosy interiors of its restaurant and café, serving Western and Indonesian fare for breakfast, lunch and dinner, alongside cakes, pastries, quick munchies and a coffee-orientated drinks list.

Kopi Bali House is one of the best places in Bali to learn about the fine high-grade beans cultivated in Bali’s volcanic central highlands and taste the refined brews from regular favourites to the world’s rarest and most expensive: kopi luwak. Its upper level café also has a gallery where you can admire life-size surreal coffee paintings. Kopi Bali House is located in Pertokoan Graha Niaga Sanur No 4, Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai 405E, Sanur. Open hours at 08.00 am – 23.30 pm every day.

You can’t miss the spot on your way to Kuta or the airport from Sanur; it stands out from the rest of the complex with its large round signage and unusual front design – glass windows with two slanted towering pillars. Step inside and you will find cool modern settings with a cold pastry display as its centrepiece, offering ‘cakes of the day’ and other one-off delights. A combination of plush black leather sofas and square tables provide a sleek combination, and outside the perimeter are shaded setups that welcome smokers and those opting for all fresco seating. The café’s interior is filled with décor hailing Indonesia’s coffee heritage, from old roasters to antique strainers, and labels that allude to the founding family’s legendary Butterfly Globe brand (known to locals as Kopi Bubuk Cap Kupu-Kupu Bola Dunia).

Upstairs are more stylish settings, and the coffee gallery is well presented with the artworks of Indonesian coffee painter Rudy Sri Handoko, adorning the walls with his fine surreal sketches depicting Indonesian life. Here you can look at samples of the world’s most expensive coffee, ‘civet coffee’ known as kopi luwak. A barista behind a mini coffee bar readily helps you with preparation and servings, as well as with insightful background and knowledge on the various products available.

Staff members are professional and well-trained, and have good knowledge about the coffee and food selections. The spot has become increasingly popular since its opening in 2003, with its small parking space usually packed during dining hours. It’s more convenient to get in and out by taxi. Drivers know the spot well, and calling for one from the cafe is easy as hailing for one outside.



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