10 Best Activities in Bali

Bali also has treasures to discover on the waves and under. Surfing is what the island became best known for, and there are magnificent reefs teeming with life beneath the surface. The best part about Bali is that it’s one of the places that you can enjoy as much or as little as you want, without breaking the bank. Here’s our compilation to help you get out and have fun.

  1. Raftinguntitled-1-rafting

Ayung’s west side is amazing, for besides the enjoyment of challenging rapids, the panorama of this beautiful, intact nature area is highlighted by the appearance of wild animals along the rafting route such as big bats, black monkeys, magpies and more. Telaga Waja is a more thrilling ride, which starts at the foothills of the sacred Mount Agung.

  1. Sea Walksuntitled-2-sea-walking

Anyone, even non-divers can go underwater and enjoy the beautiful marine life scenes. These ‘walks’ utilize a specially-designed helmet that is connected to oxygen tanks aboard a boat, providing participants with a constant flow of air to breathe underwater. You need not take off your prescription lenses either! Bali Seawalker operates at two main sites; off Sanur and Tanjung Benoa.

  1. ATV Ridesuntitled-3-atv

What could be more exhilarating than to take on the jungle tracks of Bali’s unspoiled parts on compact buggies and ATVs? Bali Quad Discovery Tours offer quad bike and buggy tours that enable you to discover Bali’s heartland and rural villages on off-road four – wheelers that whiz through all kinds of terrain with ease.

  1. Surfinguntitled-4-surfing

Bali’s tourism all began with this sport, and it’s an all-time favourite. Bali has a collection of great surf spots, mostly around the southern coasts and the Bukit Peninsula, that has been drawing those in search of sun, sea and long rides through glassy tubes. Reef breaks, lagoons and varying conditions create great waves for both veteran surfers and newbies.

  1. Divinguntitled-5-diving

Bali offers thriving and vibrant underwater scenes with some excellent dive sites. The warm waters are abundant with extensive coral reefs and magnificent marine life with sharks, turtles and manta rays. Spectacular dives include drop off walls, wreck diving and drift diving. Dive centres operate from all the main resort areas offering both day trips and PADI certificate courses.

  1. Kite Surfinguntitled-6-kite-surfing

Kite surfing, or kite boarding, is an extreme water sport that is gaining popularity, especially along the eastern coasts of Bali. The best time to get out and ride the foam and execute aerials is from May until October during the dry season when the wind speeds are around 12-15 knots.

  1. Waterbom Baliuntitled-7-waterbom

You can have more than a splash at Waterbom, Bali’s premier water park. The water park features over 17 exciting rides, slides and water games to suit all ages, spread over 3.8 hectares. The grounds are packed with leisure facilities set around its slides and pools, with lush tropical gardens providing ample shade.

  1. Canyon Tubinguntitled-8-canyon

Water slide like thrills, but out in real nature? This is made possible along a river named Siap, up in Payangan, north of Ubud. These tours take you to the hidden canyons of the Kerta village where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery while drifting forty kilometres downstream in a single inflatable tube. Well-trained guides accompany you on the ride.

  1. Parasailinguntitled-9-parasailing

If you’ve enjoyed a lot of Bali’s coastal scenes, then perhaps you would like to take another step to get a birds’ eye view. Get up in the air with one of the most favourite marine recreational activities in Tanjung Benoa. Parasailing takes you up to 100 metres above the waves. You can also request for an instructor to guide and accompany you in a tandem ride if you don’t want to handle the reigns on your own.

  1. Paintball Gamesuntitled-10-paintball

Bali Paintball Arena welcomes those with a penchant for adrenaline rushes and fast-paced fun to try out this competitive sport. The cliff-top arena comprises three separate fields on over two hectares of hilly terrain with natural undergrowth and man made wreckage hideouts, bunkers and various obstacles throughout.


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