La Lucciola Restaurant – Bali

Untitled-2-laluci.jpgThe legendary restaurant serves brunch, lunch and dinner, offering a menu that features international fusion and Mediterranean cuisine on two airy levels of a unique thatched-roof tavern. From here your dining experience is complemented by great ocean and sunset views beyond a coconut grove and the restaurant’s own dappled green lawn. Petitenget Temple has a wide parking area that La Lucciola Restaurant Bali also shares. From here you can easily access the restaurant by foot via an elegant wooden bridge over a creek, which is subtly lit after sunset.

Another way in is simply from the beach side right off the sands of Petitenget, which is convenient for weekenders and families looking for a fine place to dine after enjoying their time out on the beautiful coast. La Lucciola Restaurant is located at Jalan Petitenget, Seminyak. Open hours at 09.00 am – 23.00 everyday.

Lunch is usually the best time to enjoy the view, but dinners are also great considering you’ve headed there for the sunset. At night, candlelit tables and oil torches glimmer throughout the venue and pathways. Literally ‘the firefly’ in Italian, La Lucciola Restaurant Bali offers an ever changing menu that expatriates and regular diners have seemingly never grown tired of throughout these years. The usual day here starts off with breakfast, with a dining crowd that is more relaxed and family oriented since many of them go after their morning activities out on the beach. Brunch ensues with tasty selections off the menu comprising bite-size Italian pastries of sweet sfogliatelle with passion fruit crema, or a Verona cream brioche with candied citron and apple.

Hearty brunch selections include soft poached eggs with cured salmon, toasted ciabatta bread and dill hollandaise sauce, or the streaky bacon and egg soufflé with toasted sourdough, tomato salsa and Ligurian olives. Another sweeter option that satisfies the appetite after some activities on the sand is the banana with soft poppy seed and macadamia French toast, served with warm maple syrup. Desserts are heavenly, with selections including the indispensable Italian classic tiramisu with kahlua crème anglaise, caramelised banana torta with salted caramel and coconut gelato, or any of the homemade gelato and sorbets. Must-tries at La Lucciola Restaurant Bali for cooling down are its range of granitas. These come in various refreshing choices and fruity combinations such as passion fruit and banana, lychee and lime, strawberry and guava, and tangerine and pineapple, and even mixed berries for ‘tutti frutti’ lovers. This favourite semi-frozen Sicilian dessert softens quite rapidly in the breezy balcony upstairs. Waiting staff clad in semi-traditional attire deliver swift and friendly service. The place is bright and sunny later in the afternoon and gets busier again during sunset time, when diners who love a prelude to their dinner come by for a romantic candlelit dinner by the beach.

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