Bali Spa & Massages

Bali spas offer many traditional treatments which use local herbs and healing oils. Balinese massage oil is usually made from extracts of ginger (jahe), frangipani (jepun), sandalwood (cendana) and coconut (kelapa). Each of these ingredients have their own uses and special properties.

Back Massageuntitled-2-back-massage

Bali’s spas’ back massages are a wonderful way to relieve muscle tension on the upper part of the body. A back massage starts with a soothing kneading to warm up fingers, palms, hands to shoulder, neck and back areas. When the massage areas are warmed, massage oil is applied before proceeding with a full routine. This can be adapted to focus on areas according to the individual’s needs.

Body ScrubsUntitled-3-body-scrub.jpg

Body scrubs, are great way to make for smoother, cleaner and radiant skin. Natural extracts are used to help rid the body of rough patches by exfoliating. The massage focuses on dry patches of the elbows, knees, front of shins and elbows. For an optimum effect, this enjoyable scrub is best followed by a traditional massage.

Foot Massagesuntitled-4-foot-massage

Foot massages can be surprisingly relaxing. Releasing accumulated tension in the feet helps the entire body to release stress via the various pressure points located at a person’s feet. A foot massage begins with relaxing the feet in flower-scented water. Feet are then gently cleaned and rough and callous areas carefully scrubbed away with a natural volcanic pumice stone. This helps restore smoother touch and also rejuvenates skin growth.

Lulur Bathuntitled-5-lulur

Among the traditional beauty remedies, Thalasso treatments with sea minerals and Indian Ayurvedic rituals is the famed Mandi Lulur massage. Meaning “lulur bath”, the Mandi Lulur massage originated from Java, and was traditionally part of the Javanese prenuptial ceremony. This famous treatment is actually an exfoliating and body polishing exercise.

Traditional Body Massage

Bali’s traditional body massage encompasses four types of massage, sensual, relaxing, body contour and the reviving massage


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