Krisna Funtastic Land – Bali

untitled-4-krsnaBali is one of many places preferred by tourists, local and foreign tourists, it is not surprising because there there are many sites that draw from nature, beaches, history, zoos, water parks and much more, well, if you in Bali which is certainly incomplete without visiting one of the attractions there and there happened to be a new recreation areas that are not to be missed is the Krishna Funtastic  Land.

If we usually only visit tourist attractions and natural water, now in Bali you can already feel the new recreational vehicle and the first time that has been opened on the island. Krisna Funtastic Land Bali, located on Jl Raya Seririt, Singaraja Bali this is the place that is still very new and has been visited by the tourists. Right on 10 November 2016 ago, recreation area in Bali has been officially opened to the public. Krisna Funtastic Land has a very large area, covering an area of 5 hectares with a variety of rides and attractive facility.

Sure, not as many rides that are the World Fantasy (DUFAN) in Jakarta, but the 16 rides in Krishna Funtastic Land ready to spoil the visitors, among them there Airborne Shot, Boom-Boom Cars, Carousel, Control Plane, Flying Chakra, Singaraja Flyer and much more. Not only the bicycle course that became the hallmark of Krishna Funtastic Land, but also there are aircraft that reads Krishna Water. If you are tired of playing the rides all day, you can also eat Balinese food available in the area with the feel of a traditional Balinese themed.

To get into Krishna Funtastic Land itself is not expensive, you know. Price of admission :

  • Monday – Friday Rp 10,000
  • Saturday – Sunday Rp 15,000

Operational hour in Krisna Funtastic Land,  open every day from Monday to Sunday at 16:00 to 22:00 pm.





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