Penglipuran Village Festival 2016

untitled-1-fstvlPenglipuran Village is a traditional countryside owning unique characteristic life, socializing as well as culture. It is one of the famous Bali Places of Interest located in Kubu Village, Bangli Sub district as well as Bangli Regency. The natural natures and environments of countryside is designating the pittance touch of modernization influence. The cool atmosphere surround the village since it’s location on the height land about 700 meters above sea level.

Penglipuran village again held Penglipuran Village Festival IV in 2016, which is planned to be held around the Penglipuran village on December 22, 2016 until January 2, 2017. This event is a tourism promotion event in particular Bangli Regency Penglipuran village in order increase tourist visits as well as a venue for cultural performances and competitions. As the implementation of the previous year, this activity is expected to be able to preserve art and culture, improve the competence of tourism, increase the number of tourist arrivals, tourism actors enhance creativity, marketing development of products supporting tourism, enhancing collaboration / cooperation, tourism players, the public and government and improve the welfare of the community.

In addition, this annual event is expected to boost tourism management Penglipuran village, enhancing the participation and creativity of the community in the field of supporting business tourism (crafts, culinary, lodging, arts and culture, environmental awareness and strengthening customs) in order to improve the participation and social welfare and will indirectly provide benefits in increasing revenue Bangli regency government. Thus it was no doubt the existence of the Penglipuran village in developing tourism and improving the quality of services to tourists.

The Competition in Penglipuran Village Festival 2016:

  • Barong Parade Competition
  • Coloring Competition
  • Drawing Competition
  • Praying Clothes Modeling Competition on Kindergarten and Elementary School Level for Boys and Girls
  • Jauk Manis Dance Competition
  • Baris Tunggal Dance Competition for 5th Grade Elementary untill 3rd Grade of Junior Levels
  • Condong Legong Dance Competition for Elementary and Junior
  • Teruna Jaya Dance Competition for Junior or High school
  • Margapati Dance Competition for Elementary and Junior
  • Balinese Pop Karaoke Competition for Highschool
  • Penjor Competition
  • Non-rice Culinary Competition
  • Old style Balinese Clothing Competition
  • Storytelling Competition for High school




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