Denpasar Festival 2016

Untitled-3-dps.jpgThe 9th edition of the Denpasar Festival will take place in Bali’s capital city 28 – 31 December 2016. “The idea to hold the Denpasar Festival originates from the will to remember the past atmosphere of Jl. Gajah Mada as the center of Denpasar residents’ creative activities,” said Denpasar Mayor IB Dharmawijaya Mantra, as quoted by Under the theme “Padmaksara”, the event will be centered in Puputan Badung Square and will host various kinds of performances as well as an art installation dubbed “Ebullience”, which is displayed as a form of joy in welcoming the new year. In addition to the Denpasar Festival, Bali is slated to host other year-end events like the Panglipuran and Pandawa festivals, which aim to boost tourism and visitor numbers on the island.

Padmaksara is a lotus creation confirms the pride of the pura’s life  (religious / yadnya), market (the repertoire of the business) and the castle (the government) is wrapped with a deeper understanding of nature, spatial, art, technology, health and science (literature) will Denpasar.

Denpasar Festival 2016 held various performances and to bring back the art installation Ebullience as a form of joy, cheerfulness in removing the end of the year and welcome the next year. Here are events that can be enjoyed by tourists:

  1. December 28, 2016: Inaugural opening of Denpasar Festival, parade of masks in the area Catur Muka
  2. 28 to 31 December 2016: Performing arts of music and performances on the main stage Puputan, Contest Photo Exhibition “Denpasar Heritage Cities”, live painting, traditional art performances and film screenings Denpasar on Jalan Veteran, handicraft trade fairs, exhibitions and a library of rare books in Bali Museum, Denpasar Festival culinary region.
  3. December 29, 2016: Fashion show at Puputan Badung
  4. December 30, 2016: Tetrikal performances on the main stage children
  5. December 31, 2016: Parade Removing the Sun 2016 Area Catur Muka
  6. Workshop activities form the leaves of the coconut with a variety of shapes inspired yet contemporary Balinese culture.

If you’re in Bali do not forget to come to Denpasar Festival 2016, come and enjoy the events presented and there are plenty of food court.





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