Goddess of Prosperity


Hello good people, Today is day to worship Bhatara Sri Sedana, the symbol of Rambut Sedana is unification of the dualism, Purusa and Predana. Bhatara Sri Sedana, often called as Rambut Sedana, the second figure is the personification of God. Deva & Devi Sri Sedana is believed to give good fortune to Hindus, so he was adored by the merchant or businessman. Rambut Sedana is the God of Wealth, the god of prosperity, purity and generosity always associated with Goddess Lakshmi. Rambut Sedana was also honored as the “Goddess of Prosperity” which bestows wealth, gold-silver, and money to humans.

Sri Padi Devi  is the Goddess of prosperity, where Sri widely defined by the beginning, life, happiness. So Sri Padi Devi synonymous with food resources, so he made the Goddess of Agriculture, Rice Goddess and Goddess of Fertility.

Lord Sedana is a God of Abundance, The God of Money and Wealth. Sedana comes from two syllables, the first is “Se” and the second is “Dhana”. “Se” means one or single while “Dhana” means money, material possessions, property, livelihoods. So Sedana or Sedhana is the sole source of wealth or income.

Deity Rambut Sedana in the division of Heavenly World Temple, They are occupied King Cave Temple, Besakih Region, Karangasem, Bali. One of the shrine, in this temple is a place to worship Sri Ida Betara Sedana or Hair Sedana who believed Hindus can bring prosperity.

Legend from God Rambut Sedana Shrine in King Cave Temple. King Cave Temple has a uniqueness regarding the location, which is located in the South Section of Besakih Temple, where the former dry lava river flow of Mount Agung erupted in 1963 it’s full with artistic dry liquid stone shape. The King Cave Temple has a legend among Hinduism in Bali that says, this King Cave Temple has two secret chamber that lead into 2 direction downstream and upper. Taking the downstream path will go to the Pura Goa Lawah at Klungkung Region and the other one penetrate into the upper reaches of Mount Agung.



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