Bali’s Famous Local Food


Tipat cantok is one of Bali’s famous local foods. It contains “tipat” seasoned with grounded peanut. It looks similar to Javanese’s “Tahu Bumbu” only with less ingredients. Tipat cantok is kind of Bali traditional culinary which is easily found in every corner of the city in Bali, even at the village that far from the city. So you can found out how popular this food is.

Tipat Cantok is a food that consist pieces of ketupat with boiled vegetables. The general vegetables that often added to Tipat Cantok are water spinach, string beans, winged beans, and many more. Some other food that added to Tipat Cantok is pieces of fried tofu. All ingredients are mixed with peanut sauce. This sauce is pulverized until it become smooth and add a bit of water until this peanut sauce become viscous. The process of pulverized is where the name of “Tipat Cantok” came from.

The peanut sauce usually added with salt, garlics, fried onions, and chili to make the taste a little bit spicy and tasty, also added with coconut sugar with extract lime.

Tipat Cantok usually served on the plate with spoon and fork, sprinkled with fried onions, fried red beans or usually called “kacang mentik”. And at several restaurants, it served with “taluh pindang” or boiled egg with salt and various spices.

Tipat Cantok is a common traditional Balinese food that can be found almost anywhere in Bali. Sometimes, Tipat Cantok is added with sweet soy sauce on the top to add sweet taste on it. Tipat Cantok can be found on local small Balinese warungs but rarely be found on big restaurants.

If you eat at local Balinese warungs to try one or more of the traditional Balinese foods, make sure to tell the seller/waiter not to put chili if you don’t like spicy food. You can use this phrase “tidak pedas” means not spicy or “tidak pakai cabe” means without chili.




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