Celebration of Gold in Bali

sabuhmas1A day set aside to cherish material wealth, Sabuh Mas is associated with the celebration of gold and other precious metals, gems, and more. To express gratitude for prosperity, celebrants wash their valuables, thanking the gods for bestowing them with good luck. Balinese believe wealth is a matter of fate so this is an opportunity to pay homage to the deities in charge of good fortune. This year, it arrives on 24th January 2017.

Sabuh Mas is a Balinese holiday set aside for the worship of Mahadeva where they ask for blessings of various precious metals, jewellery and for wealth. It is interesting to note the derivation of the name’s meaning; Sabuh means ‘belt’, while Mas translates to ‘gold’ in the local language. As such, the direct meaning of this holiday is ‘gold belt’.

Locals honour the significance of this day by making various offerings to a deposit box or by presenting their jewellery box to a temple in honour of the days celebrations.

The aim of doing this is to show appreciation to Mahadewa for one’s property and earthly possessions. It is all about showing gratitude for one’s clothing, jewellery, home, cash, gold and silver. It is also a reminder of the need to be prudent when spending money.

This mantra is derived from the belief of Sabuh Mas that stipulates that cloth, gold and other possessions are the fourth most important thing in human life. These activities are followed by the local people asking for divine guidance in acquiring their wealth and property.

This sacred day is observed every 210 days, and is part and parcel of the Saraswati celebrations. Various rituals are held at different temples across Bali, and visitors can get to be part of Sabuh Mas by respecting the locals’ religion and adhering to religious ethics when visiting the temples. This includes wearing appropriate attire such as a sarong to cover your legs and ensuring tops cover shoulders and midriffs.



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