Nasi Ayam Men Weti Sanur – Bali

menweti2The legendary and the famous Nasi Bali / Nasi Campur Ayam Men Weti, located near to Pantai Segara, Sanur, Bali. Although the location is quite and this stall (small shop) is located right next to the Sanur Beach Market, not far from the McDonald’s Sanur branch, and we easily found it by looking at the crowd in front of the stall. Many local people and tourists come to this stall for breakfast or brunch with Nasi Campur.

Mbok Ngah and Ibu Men Weti themselves who handle each order from the customers who waited patiently around the wooden benches and chairs around the footpath. We also waited outside the stall, taking picture and was wondering how good this dish. After waiting for around 15 to 20 minutes, finaly we got what wanted. A portion of Nasi Campur Ayam Men Weti for our breakfast and seriously, the taste was so delicious.

It consists of shredded Betutu Chicken, roast chicken, Balinese sate lilit, half egg topped with hot chili, blanched cassava leaves, lawar mix, fried peanuts and sambal matah. We was told to order the deep fried crispy chicken skin as well and indeed the chicken skin was so crispy. All combinations of sweet, salty and spicy flavors blend perfectly in this Nasi Campur. We loved it so much, and we will be happy to come back for the goodness of Nasi Campur Men Weti. Make sure you come early to avoid long lines and missing the tasty chicken rice. If you come after 10 am you will probably have missed the chance.

This place not serve you a table for eating. They just serve chairs. Maybe there are some tables but the other use that. If you are lucky you can get that table (who is the faster that one can get the tables). People come here looking for the men weti food. Men weti is the name of the owner.



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