The Most Famous Balinese Traditional Irrigation System

While spending your holiday in Bali, you will discover many amazing place. You have been visited many tourist destination such us Uluwatu Temple, Besakih Temple, Ubud, etc but have you heard about Subak? This island is famous for its unique system of irrigation. Guided and informed by religious values, it combines impressive feats of engineering with complex and elaborate social structures.

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Enjoy The Fascinating View at Cafe Pomegranate

Cafe pomegranate is a cafe restaurant located in the middle of the rice field in central Ubud which is in a walking distance from the local Ubud market. Café Pomegranate was started in May 2012 by Japanese brothers. Cafe Pomegranate designed with natural concept in the middle of rice field, with all white shades offers a cool environment around cafe.

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Interesting Story Behind The Beautiful Masceti Beach You Never Know

Bali is a small island with thousands attraction inside. The beautiful coast which surrounds this island is no need to be hesitated. One of beautiful creature in Bali is Masceti Beach that located in Medahan Village, Blahbatuh District, Gianyar Regency. It can be access from by pass Ida bagus Mantra, it takes about 30 minutes from Denpasar.

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