The Harvest Patissier in Bali

h1The Harvest Patissier & Chocolatier features ultra-chic interiors and a vast selection of quality baked delights, and it’s no wonder why the brand has gained popularity in Indonesia after first setting up shop in Jakarta in 2004. The cute little chain of patisseries hit the sunny shores of Kuta a decade later, bringing its homemade pastries, chocolates, ice cream, breads and cakes with it. Continue reading

Nasi Ayam Men Weti Sanur – Bali

menweti2The legendary and the famous Nasi Bali / Nasi Campur Ayam Men Weti, located near to Pantai Segara, Sanur, Bali. Although the location is quite and this stall (small shop) is located right next to the Sanur Beach Market, not far from the McDonald’s Sanur branch, and we easily found it by looking at the crowd in front of the stall. Many local people and tourists come to this stall for breakfast or brunch with Nasi Campur. Continue reading

Sindu Night Market Bali

sindumarket3Sindu Market, often spelled ‘Sindhu’ and referred to locally as ‘Pasar Tradisional Desa Sanur’, is the main fresh market within the whole Sanur village area, located near the northern end of Sanur’s Jalan Danau Tamblingan road. Also referred to locally as ‘Pasar Sindu’ for short, the market is better known among regular visitors as a night market, where you can discover a bustling street food vendor scene that occupies most of its front parking space after sundown. Continue reading

Celebration of Gold in Bali

sabuhmas1A day set aside to cherish material wealth, Sabuh Mas is associated with the celebration of gold and other precious metals, gems, and more. To express gratitude for prosperity, celebrants wash their valuables, thanking the gods for bestowing them with good luck. Balinese believe wealth is a matter of fate so this is an opportunity to pay homage to the deities in charge of good fortune. This year, it arrives on 24th January 2017. Continue reading

Balinese People Celebrate Soma Ribek Day

somaribek2.jpgTwo days after the day of Saraswati, on Soma Pon wuku Sinta, the Balinese celebrate Soma Ribek. Traditionally, the day Soma Ribek interpreted as an expression of gratitude and thanks to God for the gift of abundant food, especially rice. Interestingly, when the Soma Ribek, Balinese people have a tradition of abstaining pounding rice and sell paddy and rice. Continue reading

Old Man Bar & Restaurant

oldmanbar2Old Man’s Bar in Canggu is a hip beer garden near the dark sand beachfront of Batu Bolong Beach. The bar is conveniently right in front of the lava reef’s rights, so you can drop in any time before or after surfing. The bar’s thatched roof main pavilion is perfect for hanging out with friends and to cool off during the day, with seating that ranges from benches under wide Balinese style parasols, to striped and colourful beanbags for lounging over its green lawn. Continue reading

Unique Wedding Concepts in Bali

Everyone of course wants to hold unique and interesting wedding concept. Since marriage is a moment of celebration once in a lifetime that should be done with amazing impression and memories. You can hold wedding ceremony in Bali by using unique and interesting wedding concept, of course by adjusting the wedding theme. You can also take a honeymoon package so that the moment of your wedding to be more complete and it’s full of wonderful memories and romantic. Here are some unique concepts that can be done for your romantic wedding day in Bali. Continue reading

Bali’s Famous Local Food


Tipat cantok is one of Bali’s famous local foods. It contains “tipat” seasoned with grounded peanut. It looks similar to Javanese’s “Tahu Bumbu” only with less ingredients. Tipat cantok is kind of Bali traditional culinary which is easily found in every corner of the city in Bali, even at the village that far from the city. So you can found out how popular this food is. Continue reading

Delicious Balinese Cakes


The Delicious Balinese Cakes

Hello good people, as you know Bali Island has become the main tourist destination in Indonesia, because it is an exotic island. The exotic Island appears on its natural beauty, cultural wealth and delicious culinary which have attracted many local or foreign tourists to visit the Island of thousand temples.  The exotic thing of Bali is its culinary, because Bali has a variety of delicious culinary which is more dominated by spicy and sweet flavor. For you who love sweet culinary, it is recommended if you taste Jaja Bali. Jaja Bali is a variety of Balinese cakes. One of Jaja Bali cakes with a sweet taste that is much in demand is laklak.  Continue reading

Goddess of Prosperity


Hello good people, Today is day to worship Bhatara Sri Sedana, the symbol of Rambut Sedana is unification of the dualism, Purusa and Predana. Bhatara Sri Sedana, often called as Rambut Sedana, the second figure is the personification of God. Deva & Devi Sri Sedana is believed to give good fortune to Hindus, so he was adored by the merchant or businessman. Rambut Sedana is the God of Wealth, the god of prosperity, purity and generosity always associated with Goddess Lakshmi. Rambut Sedana was also honored as the “Goddess of Prosperity” which bestows wealth, gold-silver, and money to humans.

Sri Padi Devi  is the Goddess of prosperity, where Sri widely defined by the beginning, life, happiness. So Sri Padi Devi synonymous with food resources, so he made the Goddess of Agriculture, Rice Goddess and Goddess of Fertility.

Lord Sedana is a God of Abundance, The God of Money and Wealth. Sedana comes from two syllables, the first is “Se” and the second is “Dhana”. “Se” means one or single while “Dhana” means money, material possessions, property, livelihoods. So Sedana or Sedhana is the sole source of wealth or income.

Continue reading