Get a Unique Sensation of Jaje Bendu, Traditional Snack from Bali

Bali has many delicious tradition foods. The most variety of food and sweets, or ( Jaje Bali) in the Balinese language, are usually served at a variety of temple ceremonies or another celebrations.

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Taste a Great Sensation of Savory Taste Jukut Ares

Bali offers amazing panorama or amazing view, Bali also has many delicious and savory traditional foods. Sometimes, the traditional food is spicy like lawar, satay lilit, serombotan and jukut ares. Talk about jukut ares, have you tasted it before? If you didn’t have taste serombotan, this article would give you some information about this food.

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Jaje Cerorot – a Cone Shaped Snack from Bali

Bali has so many typical foods and beverage, and also typical snack that never end to be tasted. There are various unique cuisines in each region in Bali. One of typical food which has a delicious taste is Jaje Cerorot. This snack is one of traditional food in Bali Island and has a unique shape. Continue reading

Discover The Sensational Taste of Serombotan Bali

Bali has so many unique and interesting things. Not only for the beauty of nature such as the beaches, mountains, lakes, and many other. Bali also has many typical foods which has a good taste too. Many tourists have not explored yet about Balinese typical foods.

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3 Sensational Balinese Typical Beverages

Bali is an exotic island with all its beauty. Besides the enchantment of beautiful nature and the arts, the domestic or foreign tourists who love exploring culinary must be interested to typical foods and beverages from Bali. Many people already know some of Balinese Typical Foods, and these are 3 Balinese Typical Beverages.

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The Unique Taste of Loloh Cemcem, Balinese Typical Beverage

Bali is not only known with its tourism destinastion, arts, or the legendary of their cultures which has already famous all over the world. Bali is also famous with its culinary. Bali has so many typical foods and beverages. One of Balinese typical food is Ayam Betutu, while the typical beverage which has been famous is Loloh Cemcem.

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6 Great Advantages Behind a Sensational Taste of Balinese Orange

Once you hear about Bali, you will think about the beautiful beach and the scenery around. Nevertheless, there is another attraction beside the natural beauty in Bali. One of them is about fruit. There is one of typical fruit in Bali, which is Pomelo (Balinese Orange). Continue reading

Try The Sensational Way to Eat Klepon Bali

Klepon is Bali traditional snack which is unique and really easy to find in Bali. Klepon usually can be found at all of traditional market in Bali especially at traditional cake shop. Klepon is made from rice flour and has a chewy texture with brown coconut sugar inside the dough.

There is an uniqueness of eating klepon, when you bite the middle part of klepon, there will be a burst of brown coconut sugar. Make sure that you eat klepon with one bite only because if you do not do the one bite, the sugar will be melt out onto your hands. Continue reading

The Unique Philosophy of Lawar Bali

Lawar is typical cuisine from Bali that generally made of grated coconut mixed with minced meat, Balinese typical seasoning, and of course half-cooked blood. The meat that added to Lawar usually pork or chicken. Lawar is a required food that must be exist in every Bali’s culture ceremony. Because without Lawar, foods that have been served become incomplete. Besides the good taste of Lawar, as Bali traditional food Lawar also has its own philosophy. Lawar had meanings harmonization and balance. Continue reading

The Popular “Tipat Cantok” You Have to Taste in Bali


Tipat cantok is kind of Bali traditional culinary which is easily found in every corner of the city in Bali, even at the village that far from the city. So you can found out how popular this food is. Continue reading