Celebration of Gold in Bali

sabuhmas1A day set aside to cherish material wealth, Sabuh Mas is associated with the celebration of gold and other precious metals, gems, and more. To express gratitude for prosperity, celebrants wash their valuables, thanking the gods for bestowing them with good luck. Balinese believe wealth is a matter of fate so this is an opportunity to pay homage to the deities in charge of good fortune. This year, it arrives on 24th January 2017. Continue reading


Unique Wedding Concepts in Bali

Everyone of course wants to hold unique and interesting wedding concept. Since marriage is a moment of celebration once in a lifetime that should be done with amazing impression and memories. You can hold wedding ceremony in Bali by using unique and interesting wedding concept, of course by adjusting the wedding theme. You can also take a honeymoon package so that the moment of your wedding to be more complete and it’s full of wonderful memories and romantic. Here are some unique concepts that can be done for your romantic wedding day in Bali. Continue reading

Goddess of Prosperity


Hello good people, Today is day to worship Bhatara Sri Sedana, the symbol of Rambut Sedana is unification of the dualism, Purusa and Predana. Bhatara Sri Sedana, often called as Rambut Sedana, the second figure is the personification of God. Deva & Devi Sri Sedana is believed to give good fortune to Hindus, so he was adored by the merchant or businessman. Rambut Sedana is the God of Wealth, the god of prosperity, purity and generosity always associated with Goddess Lakshmi. Rambut Sedana was also honored as the “Goddess of Prosperity” which bestows wealth, gold-silver, and money to humans.

Sri Padi Devi  is the Goddess of prosperity, where Sri widely defined by the beginning, life, happiness. So Sri Padi Devi synonymous with food resources, so he made the Goddess of Agriculture, Rice Goddess and Goddess of Fertility.

Lord Sedana is a God of Abundance, The God of Money and Wealth. Sedana comes from two syllables, the first is “Se” and the second is “Dhana”. “Se” means one or single while “Dhana” means money, material possessions, property, livelihoods. So Sedana or Sedhana is the sole source of wealth or income.

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Getting Married in Bali

Untitled-3-wedding.jpgGetting married in Bali is top consideration for many who have found the love of their lives and are looking for both an exotic and romantic setting to exchange vows. It is one of the world’s best island destinations to tie the knot, with five-star resorts offering dedicated wedding venues to choose from. While mostly catering to western style weddings, you might also wish to get married in Balinese style, complete with a priest and full traditional costume. Continue reading

Kuningan Day

Untitled-1-kngnn.jpgBali has unique thing can we explain when holiday in Bali especially in traditional village. Bali village and the unique tradition is the favorite thing by the tourist. Bali is also famous by handicraft and the souvenir Bali also has many delicious and savory traditional foods but maybe some of you having trouble to decide which hotel will you use for staying in Bali. Today i will tell you about one of ceremony in Bali. Continue reading

Penampahan Galungan Day

Untitled-4-pnmphn.jpgOne day before Galungan Day which falls on Tuesday (Anggara). The word ‘Penampahan’ is derived from ‘tampah’ which means ‘slaughter’. It is the day when people slaughter their bad behaviors, bad thought, bad manners and bad words which is symbolized by slaughtering animals for offerings, mostly pig. It is believed that the hardest seduction from Bhuta Amangkurat occurs on this day. Therefore, Bhuta Yadnya (holy sacrifice) is done for the harmonic balance between the visible and the insible world. Continue reading

Penyajaan Galungan Day

Untitled-3-glngn.jpgIn Galungan ceremony has many process like today is Penyajaan Galungan Day. Today or two days before Galungan Day at Soma Pon, the Monday of the 11th week of the Balinese pawukon calendar, Dunggulan called “Penyajaan” day. During Penyajaan Galungan special cakes (generally referred to as jaja) are prepared which will be used for the Galungan offerings.Penyajaan is derived from the High Balinese word jaya which means ‘glorious, victorious’. Galungan means ‘to make war, to fight’. Continue reading

Tumpek Landep Day – Another Glorious Celebration in Bali

Bali has so many feast celebrations and its ceremony. Today is one of Balinese Feast Celebration, which is commonly known as Tumpek Landep. Tumpek Landep Day is a sequence of Saraswati Day, where on this day every Hindus doing their gratitude of every blessing that has given by Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa in His manifestation as Ida Bhatara Sang Hyang Pasupati.

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