Kuta Sand Sculpture Contest 2017

Kuta Sand Sculpture Contest 2017

Kuta Sand Sculpture 2017

Kuta Sand Sculpture Contest 2017 is a very festive event.This contest is one of most festive event and awaited by the local community as well as tourists in Kuta every year.This contest held on 2nd July 2017.The located of this contest in Halfway Kuta Beach, 10 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport. The theme of Kuta Sand Sculpture Contest 2017 is “The shades of the Kuta beach” which aims to increase the tourist interest for coming to Kuta Beach.This contest followed by youth groups across Kuta. There are 14 groups and 5 persons in every groups.This contest fighting 3 champions with a cash prize.

During Contest

kuta sand sculpture contest


30 minutes before the contest, all the participants started registration and they checked their group’s tools such as buckets, hoe, shovel, artco and etc.At 2 pm, Kuta Sand Sculpture Contest 2017 is begins very excitement. All the participants have 3 hours to complete their statue with a minimum size of 2 meters and a minimum height of 1 meter.They took the first hour by taking water and dredging the sand.They helped each other.The next hour, all the participants started to create patterns according to the titles they make.The sand sculpture that the participants made is very diverse start from Turtle,Octopus,Shark,Dolphin,Crab and Etc.The event more exciting when many tourist watched and took a picture.30 minutes last, all the participants do finishing.All the visitors who came applauded and they were so amazed. One of them said “I have been to Bali 3 times and I first saw a Sand Sculpture Contest in Kuta. This contest will be a new attraction in Bali and makes tourism in Bali more colorful.


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