Unique Wedding Concepts in Bali

Everyone of course wants to hold unique and interesting wedding concept. Since marriage is a moment of celebration once in a lifetime that should be done with amazing impression and memories. You can hold wedding ceremony in Bali by using unique and interesting wedding concept, of course by adjusting the wedding theme. You can also take a honeymoon package so that the moment of your wedding to be more complete and it’s full of wonderful memories and romantic. Here are some unique concepts that can be done for your romantic wedding day in Bali.

  1. Luxury Ship in the middle Beautiful Sea of Bali


Bali Island which is well known for its beautiful beaches, but the ocean around Bali is also no less interesting. That makes the wedding concept on a luxury ship become one of choices if you want to get married in Bali. This unique wedding concept is very perfect when was held around a calm sea when the weather is sunny, because it will be seen the beauty of the sea and the beach in Bali which is strongly supports this kind of wedding concept. However, it should be considered also that the ship will not be able to accommodate hundreds of passengers at the time. Therefore, you can rent the luxury ship for your wedding reception more personal, such as you can hold with your family and your couple’s family, and also relatives from both sides.

  1. Elephant Parade at Taman Safari


This concept could be one of the most unique themes that you can choose to implement a wedding reception in Bali. That is because the parties of Taman Safari Indonesia in Bali have agreed to use the elephant as a “vehicle” that will escort you to go around on your wedding day. This concept could be the best in the uniqueness of your special wedding moments. Therefore, you can make your plan and realize it in Bali. For the information, not a few couples from abroad who hold a wedding reception in Bali with this unique concept.

  1. Unique Church Shaped Diamond Eye


If you want to make a unique wedding party but still sacred, the Blue Diamond Chapel is the right place for you. The uniqueness that you can get is not only of the wedding concept, but also from the unique concept of the chapel like as blue diamond eyes. You’ll be amazed because you will feel like being inside a blue diamond when wedding party and say the wedding vows with your partner in this chapel. For the information, the chapel of the church with this shape there is only one in Bali which is located near Sanur Beach.

That’s all about several of unique wedding party concepts in Bali and you can make a plan if you want to hold your wedding party in Bali. In addition to some of the above concepts, in the fact there are many unique wedding concepts that you can try in accordance to your desire. However the unique and interesting wedding concept is the desire of each couple, and of course including you. I believe your wedding party becomes the best moment in your live and it will be become unforgettable moment in your life story.


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